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Since the year 2000 Swinburne University of Technology have been home to Team Swinburne, a student led Formula-1 style racing team. With the support of Swinburne faculty we are able to design, build and race a formula style race car to compete every year in the annual Formula-SAE competition.



Our team is home to a diverse range of students, all representing a range of disciplines. An engineering team and business team comprise Team Swinburne on the whole, providing opportunities for a wide array of different disciplines and areas of study to be represented among the team.



Students are encouraged to use Team Swinburne as an opportunity to cultivate the skills from their degrees, gaining industry relevant practice and knowledge in a friendly, encouraging environment. 


Our Values.


Team building. 


Transfer of knowledge. 




Creating potential.








Departments & Sections


Our engineering department is comprised of eight distinct sections which contribute to the development of our car. Sections include Power & Electronics, Powertrain, Advanced Vehicle Control, Chassis, Aerodynamics, Frame & Body, Dynamics, and Autonomous.


Our business department is comprised of seven distinct sections which work to support the engineering department. These sections include Design, Media, Marketing, Outreach, Finance, Events and Sponsorship.


Autonomous is a sectioning within out engineering department, however it plays a strong role in leading the development for Team Swinburne Autonomous Racing. Our autonomous section is a fast growing section which is always on the lookout for enthusiastic, talented new members.


Team Swinburne's Advanced Technology Research and Development program which supports the work of students who are interested in undertaking Final Year Projects, coursework related to Team Swinburne, and niche projects for students both in and out of the team.

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