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Every year the team works hard to design and manufacture a brand new vehicle to bring to the annual FSAE-A competition. Previous years have seen the development of a new electric vehicle, however the team are working tirelessly in endeavour to produce not one, but two vehicles for the upcoming competition. Alongside our entry in the electric division, we endeavour to break out into the autonomous division, producing our first ever driverless vehicle for the 2022 competition season.

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Mass without driver: 259kg

Accumulator: 7.6kWh

Accumulator Voltage: 588v

Suspension: Fox Factory X2 air shock with pull rods & bellcranks

Tyres: 16″ x 10″ x 7.5″ Hoosier R25B

Wheels: 8″ three piece spun aluminium wheels 

Motor: AMK DD5-14-10-POW-18600-B5

Maximum Motor Torque (peak): 1001Nm

Maximum Motor Power (peak): 120kw

Chassis: Gurit SE-84 Carbon Fibre Prepress with 1/4″ aluminium honeycomb core



Mass without driver: 220kg 

Accumulator: 7.6kWh

Accumulator Voltage: 592v

Suspension: 4 Way adjustable Ohlins TTX25 MKII dampers

Tyres: 19.0×7.5-10 R25B Hoozier

Wheels: 8″ three piece spun aluminium wheels

Motor: Emrax 228

Maximum Motor Power (peak): 109Kw

Maximum Motor Torque (peak): 240Nm

Chassis: Composite monocoque, gurit carbon fibre with 1/4″ honeycomb core

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