Upper Management.

As chief engineering for 2022, I aim to finalise the manufacturing of our first all-wheel drive electric vehicle. This venture into the unknown comes with the need for extensive testing, and I seek to lead the engineering team in the development of new testing programs to build a thorough and comprehensive understanding of our new vehicle. In addition to technical objectives, I aim to focus on the education and development of the engineering team. Using research and development projects, combined with thorough documentation and reporting, I seek to lay the groundwork from which Team Swinburne can further develop their vehicles in future years. The tasks and associated challenges presented this year provide many opportunities for both the team and its members, and it is a privilege and an honour to have the chance to lead the engineering team in 2022.

Luke D’Elton – Chief Engineer

As 2022 Team Leader I bring experience with working in large teams in high risk environments and across the motorsport environment. I look forward to using this experience to help Team Swinburne reach their goal of bringing a hub driven all-wheel-drive vehicle to the Formula SAE competition.

Tim Beech – Team Lead

I am very grateful this year to be given the opportunity to build on the vision of our TS_21 Business Lead, Stephen Hawkins, of maintaining a thriving Business Section that Sponsors, Swinburne University staff and students can be proud of. Given my previous experience in both engineering and business, my goal is to continue the business process automation of 2021, and to support Team Swinburne to design, build and race our TS_22 car. I hope to achieve this by utilising professional contacts, and the diverse skillsets of our talented Business section leads and members. I plan to improve member retention by creating a welcoming environment, both educationally and personally, with the end goal of preparing students for a modern job market that rewards adaptability, creativity, and people skills.

Adam Bennett – Business Lead

Section Leads: Engineering

Gabrielle Leslie


Bradley Reed

Power & Electronics

Natalie Ng

Power & Electronics

Jonathan Perrone


Alexander Saribalas


Nam Tran

Advanced Vehicle Control

Alec Christopolous


Joshua Pittoni


Jude Zhu


Max Materia

Workshop Manager

Section Leads: Business

Lewis Douketis


Emma Young


Katarina Cicarevic


Angel Daire