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What does it take to be apart of the team behind the machine?
Team Swinburne is offering you the opportunity to be a part of a fully functioning, competitive race team.

Through the Formula SAE competition organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia, Team Swinburne offers engineering and business students a major project designing, building, marketing and racing a small, open-wheel racecar. Students work together on a complex engineering project in a collegiate, team environment while managing a budget, commercial relationships, compliance issues and a hard deadline.

Through the Team students have the opportunity to extend their professional and technical skills in a supportive and enjoyable environment. Team members are drawn from all levels in the University, from first to final year, with alumni and more experienced students mentoring their newer colleagues. Each year, students have their skills and knowledge pushed to the limit producing innovative, robust and validated designs to ensure the legacy of Team Swinburne continues to grow.

In recent years Team Swinburne has become one of the few Australian teams to focus exclusively on electric-powered vehicles. At the forefront to technology, Team Swinburne relies on the ingenuity of its students and often on prototype components as it competes against conventional internal combustion vehicles using well-established and understood technologies.

Whether your talent lies in engineering, design or business, you can help. Sign-up below, come along to a meeting on Mondays 6.00pm TD121, or come see us at TC104.

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